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Silk Road 2.0 suffered a similar fate when it was taken down along with dozens of other sites in a single day following a six month, 17-nation police operation called Operation Onymous.Nobody’s come clean about how the police managed to pull off Operation Onymous.The criminals might have given themselves a head start, but governments around the world have got some seriously smart people on the payroll (the onion routing technology that underpins the Dark Web was actually created by the US Navy).

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Europol are keeping tight-lipped, saying only that “This is something we want to keep for ourselves …

because we want to do it again and again and again.” Rumours persist that governments are infiltrating the Dark Web’s infrastructure by operating or compromising Tor entry guards and exit nodes.

And then there’s the thorny business of actually selling real things to real people, with real addresses back in the well lit, real world.

In October 2014, undercover agents purchased a firearm from a vendor on the Dark Web marketplace Agora.

Tor might be a very capable piece of technology built by very clever people but sophisticated tools are no match for operators who don’t know what they’re doing.