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[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”535″ entryid=”0_366hxil3″ width=”540″ height=”435″ addpermission=”” editpermission=”” /] Click here to the events page. Now, today we’re going to start off with this series of discussions with a look at the film “No Strings Attached”.

And here on gen Connect.com, we’re going to be discussing the films, paired with an expert opinion on what the film topics are all about.

And most of the young people that I see the office, where people would have concerns about excitement and passion in their marriage after 20 years, we’re now starting to see that after 2 or 3 years. RAMONA BRULAND: So basic ground rules in this relationship. In a long-term relationship, you want to tap your sexual energy from your gut, something that’s a natural reaction. ALAN ALTMAN: And how do tap that when you’ve been together for 15 years? And here we’re talking specifically heterosexual, but it can be in homosexual relationships as well. I mean, just look at the big maker of condoms, Trojan.

So it has an astronomical effect on people’s sex lives. And that is, with all of this internet going on, people have different expectations about marriage, about a relationship. [END VIDEO PLAYBACK] RAMONA BRULAND: So is this like a natural type of relationship that’s becoming more and more acceptable in society today? What it means is that friends with benefits has evolved from this concept. And gentlemen, bring in that strength and that assertiveness that wakes up your woman. That taps your innate sexual response, and that’s what’s key in a long-term relationship. Making love doesn’t have to be, men don’t have to be threatened by their partner using a vibrator, or him using a vibrator on her. So I mean, they’re picking up this signal from couples and relationships all across the country and the world. And that way, we can have much more interesting discussions, and answer questions as well, and go to the survey and say, look what this showed, look what that showed!

And it used to be, you had to be married to have security. OK, you know, you can go see people, and I go see other people, and it’s going to be fine. And that’s part of the evolution of this friends with benefits, and it’s why I as a male think you ultimately wind up beyond that. I’m going to call every girl in my phone until someone agrees to have sex with me. [END VIDEO PLAYBACK] ALAN ALTMAN: And I think it’s very interesting when we talk about friends with benefits. And she’s in her profession, she’s making all these tough calls, she’s powerful, she’s confident. MARIANNE BRANDON: Um, no– ALAN ALTMAN: It starts out being– at least for the guys it does. It’s what a mother puts out when she’s breastfeeding with a baby. RAMONA BRULAND: Are you saying all marriages are not entirely honest? I think there’s a lot of fear of long-term commitment there. RAMONA BRULAND: And while few people may talk about it, bit statistically, you know, what goes on behind bedroom doors that, you know, people use sex toys, and all the rest of it? This conversation will be continuing, though not before the film “No Strings Attached” premieres.

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