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The couple met through Mac Dougall's first book, "Grindhouse Women: Cinema’s Hardest Working Women," which is set for release later this year and includes a foreword by Tarantino. "I write for so many different outlets now — Fangoria, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Video Watchdog, Cineplex, Horse Sport, Horse Canada…

I write for a variety of genre and non-genre magazines that I think my writing speaks for itself now."" data-reactid="26""Quentin and I met because of my book, and the book was finished before I met him (although, I did several re-writes after we met) and he believes in my writing," she told the website Thrill & Kill in March.

Although Bob Clark was on set everyday, he decided to be uncredited.

It isn’t known why their names were removed, or why Ormsby was fired.

Rightly considered the pièce de résistance of Dario Argento's filmmaking career, the movie is sparse and plain as it follows a young American dancer named Suzy (Jessica Harper) through the stressful demands of a prestigious ballet academy.night during a raging storm.