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"The events that come to campus offer opportunities to do things that I would not normally get to do. I've listened to professors from other parts of the country.

CBU offers events all year round that inspire, interest, and challenge you." "I wanted to experience life on my own at a small school.

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Principals dating staff

Furthermore, these gains can be cost effectively realized within the regular classroom without the need for stigmatizing labeling and segregation as well as expensive and scheduling complications of special class placement.

When the teachers desk was at the front of the room (average of 12 feet from students), the normal hearing children achieved an average listening accuracy of 91% and the children with hearing loss had an average score of 81%.

CBU is committed to the mental, social, spiritual, and professional growth of each student.

Our programs and services are designed to assist you through the various aspects of your own life journey.

Using the Iowa TBS to evaluate achievement the following was noted: the amplified Kindergarten shoed the most dramatic results with significantly higher scores on listening, language, and work analysis.6) In 1990, children with developmental disabilities in a primary-level class utilizing sound field amplification made significantly fewer errors on a word identification task than they made without amplification.8) In 1994, the listening abilities of children show have learned English as a second language were studied under amplified and non-amplified conditions.