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Divided in three main topics to give the best approach to Dynamic Linking: and many other useful techniques, tips and even tricks that will help you up you video editing skills.

By the end of this course you would have learned all the techniques to dynamically link After Effects composition and Premiere Pro Sequences and create awesome videos just like a Pro Editor.

My Name is Louay, I am the author of the bestselling, highest Rated After Effects Complete Course and recently, I have published the "Fast Track to Video Editing in Premiere Pro" course.

You might be familiar with Premiere Pro and After Effects (Beginner, Novice or Intermediate) and you want to gain expert knowledge in the workflow of Dynamic Linking between these two applications. It is a way for Premiere Pro and After Effects to communicate with each other in such a way that the two applications can share the same media and can help avoid intermediate renders.

For 2016 Mac Book Pro owners, Adobe is introducing support for the Touch Bar, providing options for touch-based video editing.

Adobe After Effects CC is also gaining the Essential Graphics panel to allow for the creation of Motion Graphics templates for Premiere Pro, and Adobe is introducing a new Camera Shake Deblur feature.

You can use Dynamic Link from Premiere Pro to After Effects and from After Effects to Premiere Pro. Dynamic Linking is a must if you are really into becoming a top Video Editor using the CC suit.

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