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History of STIs was frequent: 83% were HIV-infected, 81% reported previous syphilis and 78% previous gonorrhea.

Recreational drug use was frequent (57%), reaching 71% in 2016.

Boutin CA, Venne S, Fiset M, Fortin C, Murphy D, Severini A, Martineau C, Longtin J, Labbé AC. While fewer than two cases per year were reported in Quebec before 2005, LGV emerged in 2005–2006 with 69 cases, followed by a period of low incidence (2007–2012), and subsequent re-emergence since 2013.

Lymphogranuloma venereum in Quebec: Re-emergence among men who have sex with men. Objectives: To describe the incidence of LGV in Quebec and the characteristics of the affected population, including demographics and risk factors, clinical manifestations, laboratory tests, treatments and reinfection rates.

Men used the app for an average of 17.7 minutes over the first 4 months.