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Paano kung mas sumikat sa kanya ang kanyang tine-train?

“Okay lang po ‘yon kasi kung ang ike-create ko naman ay mas mahusay sa akin sa bandang huli, ang tagumpay noon ay ako rin, eh.

There is such a huge discrimination when one hears a person is working in a call center.

Its funny how the media always portray the glamour of working in a call center, but the true call center work takes a lot of hard work, sweat, blood and tears which the media have never gotten the chance to really show to the public. No job deserves more respect than the hardworking call center agents who slave every night to support their family because our government could not offer a job that suits their profession.

MARAMI ANG nakapansin na lumalaylay na ang kalyeserye ng Eat… Obvious din naman na kaya ipinasok si Ai Ai Something ay dahil gusto na nilang ma-promote ang movie ngayon pa lang.

So I called na lang the girl Claude introduced to me at Max Brenner, a couple of weeks ago.

Diba nga friends pa sila before they became enemies. because he only needs to make hawi lang his clothes to reveal his costume. Now I know where the orcs got their style in layered clothing. Eh it was like very lakas kaya ng pagkaka-slam on her head.

Do they even know carrying a phone inside the production floor is a cause for termination? In spite of being regularized these people still do not have stability of work, with the constant change of client requirements and statistics, quality control and metrics a call center agent can lose his job at anytime!