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The contents of the first package are pictured Hunt A Killer was first launched as a live event in 2016 where participants were supposed to solve a murder mystery in teams of six on a 200-acre property in only three hours.

Because the event was a success, the founders decided to make it more accessible and turn the game into a subscription service Among the items in the first episode is a letter setting up the premise of the interactive series.

The two childhood friends had previous experience in live events when they organized adventure 5K races called Run For Your Lives, where participants had to avoid 'zombies' along the obstacle race The event was a success and proved to Hogan and Smith, who had previous experience in live events, that there was demand for that kind of interactive entertainment, but there was a problem.

It had taken Smith a full six months to develop the design for the specific location while Hogan was on active duty with the Navy.

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