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The exhibition is organised by the Typographic Society Austria (tga – Typographische Gesellschaft Austria) and was curated by Andreas Pawlik and Martin Tiefenthaler.

Here at Willerstorfer Font Foundry we are proud that our award winning type families Acorde and Sindelar are part of this beautiful exhibition.

What started out as a commercial newspaper for shipping companies is now one of the most recognized out of all newspapers in the country.

The Manila Bulletin remains the country’s oldest continuing newspaper and the second oldest English newspaper in Asia.

Great news from Asia: The Philippine Daily Inquirer started using Sindelar as their new text face yesterday.

The introduction of Sindelar was part of a comprehensive redesign of the newspaper done by the world-renowned media consulting firm García Media.

The nation’s most widely read newspaper, the Inquirer is considered by many as the best source for information.