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(Though technically, the research station at Vostok, Antarctica has a monthly average of – 68°C, and about a dozen people manage to live there.) In winter in Oymakon, there are only three hours of sun a day, and people have to heat their garages, or run their cars 24/7 to keep them usable. UPDATE: h/t to Marakai for the following photo and links to Marble Bar shots.

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“The first armed response vehicle was on the scene in less than one minute from receiving our first call,” a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said after the incident was stood down.

“Officers working with colleagues from BTP carried out an urgent search of the area.

Ms Warner’s account was echoed by a Twitter user called Annabel, who described how “crying and screaming” around the fight spread panic, which was compounded by thousands of people fleeing to street level.

“It turned into a stampede in rush hour on Black Friday …

Now, if the IPCC are right, we might heat up by another half a degree by 2100 — shifting those extremes from -49°C up to 41°C. Andy Pitman, one of Australia’s leading climate scientists, responds to this risk with all the usual careful analysis we’ve come to expect from mainstream climate experts.