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All the web articles, magazines, and so forth want to tell us that the reason so many women are going online for love now is because they’ve tried in real life and all the men they meet are just bastards, weirdos, or beneath them, and while I’m sure some of that is true, the bigger truth is that in real life a lot of these women don’t have anything to offer men.

That’s why they want Superstar Men, who will not only dazzle them but also make up for what they lack.

However, in recent months I will admit I did get more involved in dating sites after things ended with me and a woman I knew. I have never, ever been really invested in any of that stuff or been a big believer in it, and now that I’ve had more experience with it I want to tell my story about the sad, the bad, and the ugly with all the women on these sites, as well as how useless these sites really are. The bare truth is that for the most part, these sites pretend to have your best interests at heart and want you to think finding your future lover is very possible, when in fact it’s about getting as many singles to sign up as possible so the sites can make money.

And my involvement was moreso out of a desperation to find someone just so I could get over her, but now I’m long over her and starting to delete all my dating site accounts. The biggest trick about them is the messaging systems.

I actually have not been involved in them consistently, rather it’s been something I’ve done off and on through the years, and almost always as a just-seeing-what-this-is-all-about type thing, and I never stay very long before I delete.