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This past week, there were riots at Berkeley in the wake of the scheduled lecture by their most prominent supporter, Milo Yiannopoulos.

(Poole himself lived in his parents’ basement well after the initial success of the site.) They were obsessed with Japanese culture and, naturally enough, there was already a term for people like them in Japan, — meaning “pulling inward, or being confined” — teens and adults who withdrew from society into fantasy worlds constructed by anime, video games, and now the internet.

And of course, it’s relevant to note here the themes of itself, a film about a male collective that regains its masculinity through extreme acts after it has been debased by modern corporate culture.

The rules, like everything else, were always half in jest.

Everything had to be a done with at least a twinkle of winking irony.

I had an account at Something Awful, which I used sometimes to post in threads about my comic.4chan had been created by a 15 year old Something Awful user named Christopher Poole (whose 4chan mod name was “moot”).