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Looking at old photos with her two young sons, La Wanda Baldwin stopped on a picture of a large woman. “Burn more calories or eat fewer.” Baldwin and eight others took that formula to heart, each making it her own. Karen & Kristin Mendorf On a vacation in Tennessee three years ago, Karen and Kristin Mendorf had an urge to go on a hike their parents had taken them on as children. ” says Kristin, 36, an occupational therapy assistant. Trading their hamburgers and fries for grilled chicken and vegetables was also an adjustment. “They can run for one or two hours nonstop now,” says Wade Harris, a trainer they hired at their gym. KRISTIN 157 lbs From size 26 to 8 Turning Point: Getting winded on a hike NOW! Moore, a vegetarian, got into shape using a diet of her own creation.

“That was me,” said Baldwin, who once weighed double (330 lbs.) what she does today (165). “There’s no mystery,” says diet doctor Dean Ornish. each, they had to stop “at every rock and every bench—there were older people with canes passing us! C., joined Weight Watchers the next month and began taking 5 a.m. “Getting up that early was unfathomable at the time,” says Karen, 39, a paralegal, whose sister often had to pull her from under the covers. and reached her goal weight in just over two years. in the same period (she still wants to lose seven more to get to her goal weight of 150). “Having someone there is great” Megan Moore Overweight since childhood, Megan Moore, 27, avoided scales her entire life—until a roommate got one at Christmas, 2001. But three yuletides later, the scale has tipped in her favor: After losing 105 lbs., the Lexington, Ky., therapist married her longtime crush, carpenter Jonathan Moore, in March 2004.

But I've moved through that stage, thanks in part to a few steadfast rules that I've developed. Disarm the worried glances from the sea of happily coupled humans around you by beaming whenever you catch their eyes.

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At her ideal weight, Gilkey has set another goal—becoming an FBI agent.

“Now that I’m in good physical condition, I can apply and take the fitness test,” she says. From size 22 to 8 Discovery: “When you watch your weight, you learn your body. For some people, it’s something else” Jessenia Herrera Raised on dishes like stewed chicken made by her El Salvadoran mother, Jessenia Herrera wasn’t an overweight child.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released data back in February that showed 51pc of people in England and Wales are single.

There are plenty of singletons around, yet I encounter so few fellow masturdaters on nights out.

“Many programs work,” says Lise Lynch, who dropped 125 lbs., “if you work at them.” So they gave up fatty foods and made exercise a habit. And after dropping 75 lbs., a former couch potato became a weekend wilderness guide. “I’m still in awe.” In fact, their success inspired their mother, Barbara, 63, to lose 75 lbs. “I see my daughters doing things they never would have done before,” she says. “Both of us are trying to change our self-image,” says Karen. I want to expand and grow and be someone who’s comfortable with who she is.” THEN Kristin 339 lbs. First she studied health magazines from the library.