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So we are left, as the government is basically lying or misleading us, to try and figure it out.

We speculate, we find others who have analytical skills to do what others of us cannot.

Nanoo-Nanoo in Feldstein- House Prices to Fall Further If you read "Barbarians at the Gate" what was most striking is that companies that get destroyed are PROFITABLE but it is MORE profitable for a few to strip mine them.

In the religion of economics, God has forgotten them We use certain metrics that says this increases GDP, and therefore it MUST be done like the character in Harry Potter whose name can never be uttered, we can never, ever speak of the distribution of the vaunted GDP.

You and I as taxpayers are responsible for that debt that wasn’t enough to create enough liquidity and credit so here’s QE one this is the government buying Treasury bonds qe qe you do not see anywhere in here this pattern until you get here this is a hyperinflationary pattern and by the way this is when we went on to a full fiat money debt system and they’ll be linked so you go in and look at it now what wasn’t actually enough so when we say this is the Fed started buying the mortgage-backed securities and created even more debt wonderful in addition now by the way do you see anything going down now that would be enough this is state and local debt without retirement and pension plans in it again here’s where we went on full debt it just keeps going up they don’t intend to ever pay this debt off I don’t care what they say let’s see this is oh the federal debt and you know we hit the debt ceiling that trillion we’ll see they’ll probably raise it but again.