No overload for onrowupdating matches delegate

Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately. So, the user selects a row to edit -- Edit Index = row number -- and then the handler deselects it -- Edit Index = -1. On the form I have a calendar where the user can select a new date.Compiler Error Message: CS0123: No overload for 'dg Agenda_Update Command' matches delegate ' System. When that happens I run the updategrid() to get the records for that particular day. If I select a different day from the calendar and the press Edit strange things start to happen.My office runs the security updates on the network from time to time, and my guess is: this is the culprit. It thinks that I am done with the string when I am not.

no overload for onrowupdating matches delegate-19no overload for onrowupdating matches delegate-34

If so, try looking for something in how the data is acquired, something in the stored procedure or in the parameter you pass. Personally, my next step would be to run this through a debugger step by step so I could see what's happening.

Like I said, it sounds like there's no data for that second date.

Anyway, I have an autonumber ID field and the rest are set as text.

I tey to edit the record from the formview and the it works properly, but when I hit the update button the first 3 fields (recordsources) update correctly, but it then deletes the rest of the fields and it's values. Here is my code and any help would be..can't Gridview update if empty data is presented into the textfield of Gridview edit HI all, I have basically two fields which are Name,description. This can help us understand and solve your problem!!

Everything displays fine, I can edit individual rows in the nested grids and I can insert Rows in the grids.