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Unfortunately, when the title tried to make the jump to 3D on the N64, it fell embarrassingly short of the high bar it had set for itself.Shiny Entertainment, who developed the first two games, didn't develop this one, and it's a prime example of what happens when the mad scientist hands over the lab to the guy who works down the hall (I'm looking at you, .) Earthworm Jim 3D is lacking in humor, something that drove the first two games, and featured frustrating camera angles that made the game virtually unplayable.

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The game is amazingly short, and while the levels are remarkably easy, the bosses can be very to extremely difficult (Merlock at the end of the game could make even Cuphead blush). Instead, stick with a classic car, like Steve "Lightning" Queens. The camera angles are super clunky, and controls often feel unresponsive. You basically wander around on a game board looking for things and trying not to let your health hit zero. You know, I wonder if this was the inspiration for was a good idea, in theory.

If you find yourself still itching for some Disney duck based gameplay, may I recommend Duck Tales? I've been a New York Mets fan since I was a kid, and while yes, that has been and continues to be extremely painful, it can't even begin to compare to the experience of playing this horrific baseball simulator. You can get a more accurate feeling of what it's like to have a tank battle by renting your own tank and sitting in it. Not only that, for some reason, the game always looks like it's taking place on a foggy day, with other tanks (excuse me, tanx) disappearing off in the distance. When developer Square stopped working with Nintendo in favor of Sony and their fancy pants disc console, Nintendo knew they had to do something to remain in the RPG market.

Somebody get the early bird on the phone, this one's a miss.

The Powerpuff Girls cartoon on Cartoon Network is among the most beloved animated shows to come out of the 90s.

Unfortunately, this didn't even make it to the N64, literally removing the one enjoyable thing about the game. might be the worst thing to come out in 1998, and that's a big deal, considering that was the same year that weird Godzilla reboot came out (remember that Puff Daddy/Jimmy Page song? The game is just , but with the characters reskinned with an Olympic theme. So I guess if you hate pro ice hockey, but adore the Olympic version of the the game for you? has none of this, instead offering gamers a completely different, more story based Mega Man experience that, quite frankly, no one asked for. At the time this title was released, lots of games had "64" at the end of their name. If you want your game to do well, a nice snappy title is key. It's almost like the title is calling to your attention the fact that this game is quirky, and purposefully different from all the other titles out there! In this game, you run over what appear to be cardboard cut outs of zombies.