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At Walt Disney World's new Pandora -- the World of Avatar, guests can order something that sort of tastes like a cheeseburger. It's a doughy white pod, filled with burger fixings.

Also on the menu is green beer -- a light, wheaty ale made by Terrapin Beer Co.

I pulled him by the top of his leather vest and joined our lips together as my hands then ran through his hair. " I sat besides him asking, looking as he squeezed the rest of the juice into his mouth. I rolled my eyes and rest my arms to the back of the sofa, my hand playing with my hair. I'll tell you why but don't tell her I told you.

The look on my face match my thoughts I'm sure. I looked at him and got a huge ass smirk on my face. " He asked throwing the empty box, straight into the bin celebrating a bit. He nodded and look at me like a child waiting for Christmas to open their gifts. "Because you don't want her to meet your family," I spilled and his eyes widened before he rest his head into his hands.

The Bella Twins spoke with Extra TV this week to promote the return of Total Divas.