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If you've seen so much as the trailer, you'll know the basic plot: while mingling at a glamorous waterfront party, an overexcited Eddy (Jennifer Saunders) manages to knock Kate Moss into the Thames, thereby immediately becoming a pariah overnight ('Do you know what a pariah is?

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Meanwhile, transgender men are fetishized as androgynous, masculine figures with feminine genitalia, forcing them back into a cisgender worldview where sex equals gender.

And nonbinary people are often fetishized as “crossdressers” in “drag,” making it difficult for any and every trans identity to feel represented in pornography.

Looking through Literotica reveals that of many similar stories under the “shemale” and “tranny” tags, “Hot Tub Surprise” is just one more bad trans porn example. That can be seen through editor Tobi Hill-Meyer’s anthology collection, .

In Hill-Meyer’s collection, 30 writers set out to create a new way to think about transgender erotica by grounding the genre in how trans people actually have sex.

And as it turns out, trans sex is very different from the stereotypical conceptions found on Literotica. Trans women’s straplesses are described as “junk,” “clits,” and “dicks,” mirroring the way trans women actually talk about their bodies during sex. on her way to New Orleans, jumping from motel to motel with her lover, everything feels perfect until reality comes crashing down.