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Balinese Room, beach, blogging, current-events, fiction, Galveston, Galveston Island Beach Revue, Galveston Splash Days, history, International Pageant of Pulchritude, retro beauty pageant, Spring wacky, WPlongform, writing, Galveston needed tourist money. Plenty of performers wanted to play the Balinese Room. It was a long way down that 600 foot pier to the back rooms. Trap doors in the floor dumped incriminating evidence in a flash. “Girl Happy”, the 1965 classic beach film with Annette, a freebie showing at Beach Central.

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While often what we see is an artist’s final product, being an artist is tough work.

Those masterpieces that we adore are often the result of many previous tries. Below are five of the best places in Seattle to try your hand at mosaics, painting, paper crafts, fusing glass, ceramics and more.

'I knew it was there, but found it hard to accept the fact I had this bag on my stomach and what it did' he inflamed colon is less able to absorb liquid and this can lead to a larger volume of watery stools.

Also, because the colon cannot hold as much as usual, sufferers may have very frequent bowel movements (six or more a day).

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