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"So you're going to see everything you usually see when you see a TV show set in New Orleans," La Plante said.

"But we extended the radius out." Of course, the central focus of "Are You the One?

Three seasons have been shot in Hawaii and one each in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

A sort of mashup of "The Bachelor" and "The Real World," with a little "Big Brother" thrown in, it's part dating show, part game show, part social experiment. "We're in our sixth season of the show, and we have shot in beautiful places, including Hawaii, we shot in Puerto Rico, we shot in the Dominican Republic," executive producer Rob La Plante said.

"This was our first season shooting in the continental U.

One of those is married.) The setting, however, goes a long way, both romantically and visually, La Plante said.

In past seasons, that setting has been decidedly tropical.

Then, at the end of each episode, they have to try to guess who the pre-determined perfect matches are. In order to make it all work, though, producers need a big, film-friendly house that -- given how much of the show is set there -- looks great on-camera.