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However, these men may show glimmers of hope and if you are dealing with these certain types of men, here are some weird tell tale signs that he cares for you more than he may let on: Okay, so you’re casually dating a guy that is frustrating you beyond belief due to the fact that he never initiates sex and seduces you right away.

He comes to visit you and sometimes you just want to pounce on him at the door and he stops you. If a guy rather talk to you and watch a movie with you before initiating sex, this does not mean that he doesn’t like you, in fact it means the opposite.

However, if a guy truly likes you, he will leave them at your place.

This is a biggie because it shows that he trusts you and that you can trust him. The next time he comes to hang out with you, hide one of the condoms and see how he reacts.

Trust me, he has memorized the number of condoms he leaves over.