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Alicia Hollowell, who led the UA to a title last year, is 6-1.

Jennie Finch, the 2001 WCWS hero, measures 6 feet tall.

Keeley, a former model, is perhaps best known for playing a lesbian music hall star in the BBC's Tipping The Velvet. star and her husband - disgraced Tory MP Neil, 55 - are letting another outrageous couple redecorate their home.

Battle of the TV queens Has formidable Christine Hamilton, 55, finally met someone who can stand up to her? Plain-talking Scottish designers Colin Mc Allister and Justin Ryan, doyens of daytime TV, are going to get stuck into the Hamiltons' £500,000 riverside apartment in Battersea, south-west London, for a Channel Five series. "It's very dated and quite shabby, so they can't make it worse than it is now." In preparation for the arrival of the gay design duo, Christine and Neil are moving out of the flat into their £1 million house in Wiltshire, bought with the proceeds of their shameless career of TV deals and personal appearances.

Privately he has told friends that he is "quite hurt" to have been excluded.