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We will install the x64 version since the server hosting Config Mgr is an x64 system.If you have 32-bit servers in your environment where you want the FEP agent installed, don’t worry - the installer package that deploys the FEP agent will properly detect the target platform and apply the correct agent. If FEP is being installed just at the central site and reporting is also installed on the central site (SSRS reporting, not Config Mgr classic reporting) then selecting Advanced Topology is likely the choice you want and the option chosen for the example.

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This is because they either update existing product binaries or offer functional changes to the product that require updating all sites in the hierarchy. FEP does add additional functionality but the mechanisms to provide that functionality simply make use of existing Config Mgr components – there aren’t even any custom hardware inventory extensions!

That said, there is no technical reason why FEP integration needs to be installed anywhere other than the Central site, particularly in environments with centralized administration of patching and other deployments.

Also choose whether to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Choose whether to join the Microsoft Spynet program and, if so, what level of membership. Review installation location information along with disk space information and adjust as needed. The prerequisite checker runs to validate all required precursor components are available. Correct any problems until all components show green and then click Next.

Review the summary screen and then click Next to proceed with the installation.

– Tracks the status of FEP agent deployment to systems – whether Succeeded (for desktop or server), failed, or pending.