Mexicandating culture

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theme song, a fellow employee and I got to thinking about odd pairings.

It was the era of the power ballad, which means it was also one of the main eras of odd pairings (although I do seem to remember Bob Dylan popping up in Wyclef Jean's "Gone Till November" video in the 90s, but blessedly that was not an artistic pairing).

He kicked around Scotland and England for years in punk bands and the like, settling down to write the type of gorgeous tomes that Pete Paphides of (London) called, “...songs that sound not so much written as carefully retrieved from your own subconscious, played with an intuition bordering on telepathy." He's got a great, simultaneously warm and brittle voice that sometimes reminds of fellow Scot, David Gray.

Up until his move away he was living in North Oakland.

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