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Then Google “quietly” began the process of outdoing both OTAs and metasearch. Superlative work from Google, is all I can say.”Let me say this.Back in 2009 the CEO of one of the most innovative metasearch companies, Steve Hafner predicted Google would become the biggest competitive threat to all such booking endeavors. I reported on this development with tongue in cheek proclaiming, ““Stick a fork in every other hotel finder and booking mechanism out there. I hate what Google has done to search since years now.In conclusion, it seems certain that the likes of Trip Advisor, Trivago, Hotels Combined and other will offer “push back” on Google’s efforts.

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Though the landscape can be complex, this is a lucrative marketing channel that should not be overlooked.

: A travel-specific distribution and marketing channel that aggregates hotel accommodation information to provide travelers with the most variety and an easy way to find the best available rates.

Then in 2015 Google silently added instant booking for hotels (Tnooz story), more-or-less copying what Trip Adviser dominated with.

Even though the search giant’s metasearch tool had not at that time been officially announced, Google-facilitated bookings were rolling out across selected US desktops.

Johnson reports on a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles trashing Facebook and Google metrics in favor of a more “trusted” third party source.