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I say, fans of Metallica should be thrilled that more and more people started to listen to them, and love a great song with lyrics with a very innocent point of just childhood fears but the way they sing it is so...awesome it makes it seem about death and nightmares and violence and all that other negative stuff i hear but it isn't I find this song to be one of my least favorite by Metallica. And that's what about half the songs are on the black album, lyrically useles, meaningless. Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Pink Floyd are ROCK band (which are my favourite), but Metallica is, guess what, a METAL band.

Musically and rhythmically a good song, but the lyrics kill it. And being large difference between these rock songs, already, you may know that the difference is greater on the style aspect.

, and second, there would be a flood of comments explaining that the lyrics were ironic and that this was the darkest, most satanically evil song they had ever done! You can't say One's not Christian because it's about euthenasia.

You can't say Master of Puppets isn't Christian because it's about being addicted to something, not about obeying the devil! And you can't say Fade to black isn't Christian because it's about NOT commiting suicide.

But they're not all as festive as they first seem with the Slayer version emblazoned with skulls and pentacles and a Metallica knit with snow flakes resembling barbed wire and upside down crosses that Christians may find offensive Forty-one per cent of the nation now own a Christmas jumper, according to the research from Fox's Puddings, fuelled by their popularity with celebrities and fashionistas including Samantha Cameron, Cheryl Cole and TOWIE'S Sam Faiers.