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When any player displays the kind of dominance that Williams did, they tend to evolve the overall narrative of tennis.While sportswriters and fans inevitably exalt the player’s dominance and measure them against the greatest players in history, those same sportswriters and fans also exhibit an antsy urge to find the greatest player: the up-and-comer who can challenge — and even beat — the sport’s current leader.To understand the depth of the Sharapova-Williams feud, it’s important to understand that at any given moment, the game of tennis tends to revolve around a single player.

Those looking for a juicy glimpse into the feud that’s engrossed women’s tennis for years should know that the name “Serena” shows up more than 100 times in Sharapova’s book, including nine times in the prologue alone.

All signs point to Williams being Sharapova’s personal benchmark, idol, and frenemy and the standard that defines her career.

But the most fascinating part of the book might not be the gossip and speculation about Williams that Sharapova indulges in, but rather what it reveals about how Sharapova views and presents herself as an underdog and a victim.

When you compare what Sharapova says to reality, it seems clear that being pitted against Williams has helped her benefit from their feud, in the form of lucrative endorsement deals, magazine spreads, and preferential treatment at professional tournaments.

Though her match style is loud and one-dimensional, she knows how to play up the saltiness and drama that accompany the sport.