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They are living this insane gutter bum lifestyle so they can have a dream job at a Silicon Valley firm, the dream of all American workers. Elon Musk, God of Silicon Valley, is one of the worst ones of them all. When I was on vacation over there, I figured out that in order to spend 1/3 of your income on rent (which is the only sane calculation of rent affordability) in Mountain View, you would have to be making ,000/year or ,000/month. All over the town I was staying in, Mountain View, there were Help Wanted signs in every store for low-level positions.

Silicon Valley Democratic “progressive” politics is crap. They reportedly ride the buses all night and get their sleep there. They shower at the gym and change their clothes there too. If you are decent and you go public, the stockholders will fire you. On /hour minimum wage, all of your income goes for rent on the 1 bedroom. Silicon Valley has no place for its low wage workers to live!

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I bring my boyfriend to Blue Boy sometimes, and he enjoys it because he is still new to the gay world and likes to see what it’s like.

I go cruising at KL sauna/spas and the two cruising Lake parks in Kelana Jaya and Tasik Permaisuri in Cheras. I like to describe it as “thriving but we have to keep up with appearances”.

In this sense, I am only “out” with my close friends. Of course in urban areas such as KL, gay men and women can be as out as they want.

Just as long as they don’t cause trouble and do not disturb the system.

I just spent five days over there, and I can affirm that it’s definitely crap.