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The website also gives spouses who might be concerned that their husband or wife has been cheating a far more conclusive way to check.Previous databases only allowed individuals to see whether email addresses matched those leaked by the impact team.Instead of offering a limited set of our own reports for your information and reading pleasure, we’re presenting a larger number of news lead-ins sourced from all around the globe.

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The use of all these databases comes with a health warning.

Some websites have been harvesting users email addresses and spamming them with advertising and the websites themselves, or pop-ups and adverts could contain malicious spyware.

They’ll be selected from quality items on a planet-wide range of reputable websites available in English.

This way, we’ll be able to keep you up to date with many more developments in the world of digital books and e-reading, on a truly global basis. Ulmart, Russia’s largest online store, started offering subscriptions today for Bookmate with unlimited access to electronic books for 150 rubles ($4) a month.

When people wondered what use reading history is, Chinese philosopher Confucius had said, «If you want to be futuristic, read and understand history to better comprehend the present».