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All people on Tinder must, by Colorado law, include at least two of the following phrases in their profile: 420-friendly, hiking, rock climbing, biking, snowboarding, skiing, and/or the outdoors.Tinder is perfect for those who want a ton of attention and have little interest in emotional affection.Always good looking, but one of the most aggressive predators in the Denver dating scene, the Hustler will show you poor audio recordings of his rap songs on his i Phone until you’re bored.

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Rest your Tinder thumb, as over right-swiping can cause pain and discomfort in the i Phone hand. Sports Guy loves sports – all types of sports, and we can’t blame him.

Denver is home to some of the most killer stadiums for watching games in the country, including Sports Authority Field aka Mile High Stadium and the Pepsi Center. He is a diehard Broncos fan, a pretty hard Nuggets fan, a moderately hard Avalanche fan, and a sorta hard Rockies fan.

The Woodsman lives in Cap Hill, wears plaid, and it seems this should already be implied, but he has a beard.

Everyone in Colorado is a bit outdoorsy, but the Woodsman is kinda a dick about it. The Woodsman refuses to pay for cable but loves “Breaking Bad”, “Louie”, and many shows that cable provides.

Or he wears cargo pants and a “Keep Calm and Chive On” t-shirt.