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Her shirt is also loose enough that any time she leans forward at all you can easily peek down to see the tops of her small round breasts, resting in her push up bra. Her blond hair which had traces of pink highlights in it is up in a small bun. "Fine." "I'm guessing that you never told Hailey about our little encounter? "No." "That's probably for the best." She says with a smile.

The neck line is cut ridiculously wide so that one shoulder is bare, exposing a pink bra strap.

We all order a burger and get two large orders of sweet potato fries, then we cram into a booth. Rachel had no doubt enjoyed our sexual encounter a few weeks prior, but I had assumed that was more of a one time thing. Hailey wasn't aware of anything that had happened, I still needed to tell her the truth.

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I watched Hailey's back slowly rise and fall with each breath. Even more guilty than usual about the affair I had been having with Hailey's mother, Ms. And now there was even the encounter with Hailey's sisters that was weighing on my conscience. Jackson had reminded me of this several times since we had started looking at it. Jackson, Leah, Her twin Rachel, Rachel's husband Jacob, their baby boy, Hailey, Me and all our luggage I had a feeling it was going to be crowded. "Look Hailey, I've been meaning to talk to you about something." She stopped what she was doing and looked up at me. I carried my bag along with Hailey's bags out to the driveway. I managed to squeeze our bags in so that the entire back was full as well as most of the back seat. Then she stuffed headphones into her ears, leaned the seat back and rested her feet on the dash. Jacob and Rachel take seats on either side of their child. Because of the luggage there isn't enough room for both Hailey and I to have a seat to ourselves.

I had been awake for a while now but I did not want to disturb Hailey's slumber. Hailey's methodical breaths altered for a brief moment and her head stirred. "Morning." She responded, her voice slightly raspy from just waking up. My Mom will want to leave as soon as my sisters get here. However, as excited as Hailey was to move in we had decided not to start moving until after the vacation that Ms. She had rented a large beach house in California for the week. The part I wasn't looking forward to was the drive. I struggled for a few moments to find the words, then we heard a commotion from upstairs followed by "Hey everybody! Her long legs stretched out, which you could see most of since she was wearing a short cotton skirt. The strange thought occurs to me that my penis has been in the mouth and vagina of every female in this vehicle. Hailey has to drape one leg over me and kind of rest in the small space between me and the side of the car. It isn't long before we are on the freeway heading west.

"Whatever." Leah says as she climbs into the back seat. She merely smiles at me and hops into the passenger seat. Once we are all in we pull back onto the freeway and we're off again. Leah slides her left hand underneath her skirt and starts playing with herself while she strokes me. And then Rachel looks at my Cock, glistening with her sister's saliva. Then she lowers herself onto my cock until I am fully inside of her and her ass cheeks are on my lap. Leah's tight pussy squeezes my cock as it marinates in her juices. But she can still see that Leah is sitting in my lap.

And she takes her right hand and places it on my crotch. Then she tugs on her shirt so that it comes down even further on her right shoulder showing more skin and making it even easier to see her chest. I'm done talking." And with that she places her hand back onto my lap. Jacob has put his headphones in and is no doubt listening to some boring podcast. Janet Jackson's 'Nasty' helps to cover the sound of our fornicating. She pulls herself up and motions for me to scoot over. She grabs my cock and teases her slit with my bulbous head. She turns to look back at us, the seat in front of us shields the fact that I am completely penetrating Leah from her view.

You're getting hard for me already and I haven't even done anything yet." She smiles. "We are not having this conversation right now." "I agree. She quickly brings it back and now lubed with her saliva her hand begins sliding more easily along the length of my shaft. "Wow, you're just as big as I remember." She whispers. Jackson are talking about decorating our new house in the front seat. Jackson replies and she turns the song up a few hits. She reaches between her legs and pulls her panties to the side, exposing her smooth pussy. Leah simply motions for her to keep her eyes forward and then she slowly starts rocking her pelvis back and forth, then side to side and finally all around. I look up into the rearview mirror and make eye contact with Hailey. I was just starting to get a dead leg so I asked your boyfriend if I could sit on his lap.