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Twenty-nine days after he’d found out that Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson were going back to Pegasus with them. Eight days after John had gotten so drunk he’d forgotten his own name. “You’re not wearing your watch.” John looked up from his breakfast and found his best friend staring pointedly at his naked wrist. ” “Besides the fact that he brought his boy toy with him to make my life a misery? I think mice are next on the list.” “We could use Todd as our test subject,” John offered.

“I bet we could get him to come for a visit.” “I can’t believe you let that guy go ,” Rodney groused.

That’s what he’s here for after all.” “Right.” Mc Kay pushed aside his empty tray. She says I make her uncomfortable.” “You don’t even talk to her,” John pointed out unnecessarily. ” “Apparently,” Rodney began and then waved a hand.

“You even avoid the infirmary when she’s in there which could be a problem if you were gravely injured or something. “I’m taking our break up too well and that hurts her feelings and creates a hostile work environment.” John’s mouth dropped open. ” “At least she didn’t put that down as her reason for leaving the city,” Rodney muttered. “I have work and don’t you have some paperwork to delegate to Lorne?

“Not my decision, I think O’Neill was tired of those weirdoes at Area 51 lobbying to dissect him.” Not that John had been against that, exactly.