Long have john krasinski emily blunt been dating

Emily said that the couple found comfort in driving to the study and improvising together.

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But I will say above all, I think her taste is what impresses me the most.

She chooses roles and understands roles so specifically.

Here, Krasinski talks about several of the films in which Blunt has blown him away, POPSUGAR: Have you seen The Girl on The Train? That's how good she is in this movie, which is very rare and very hard to do.

She goes so full into the transformation of someone who's going through obviously a struggle in her life and a struggle with addiction, and it's just incredible. She's always so good, but this is like a tour de force performance for me. Most recently I thought Sicario was a damn near perfect film.

Their elder daughters, Hazel was born in 2014 and Violet, their younger daughter was born in 2016. It's not always easy to lead a Hollywood career when you're raising two young children, but we are very supportive of each other and have a strong bond between us." We cannot even doubt a little bit to the fact that the pair who gets along so well in real life will find no difficulty in working together professionally as well.