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Now living in a safe country, I still consider myself first and foremost an Iranian.

I can never forget that I am in exile due to my own sexual orientation.

I will never forget the day in Turkey when I was walking with Amir, another gay Iranian refugee who had been tortured and flogged in Iran, when we were suddenly chased down the street by homophobic crowds. People just stood around watching as we were beaten simply for being gay refugees in their country. Turkey is a most hazardous respite for Iranian gays at best.

They physically beat us with the clear intent to murder us. That nightmarish experience is seared into my memory. It is why I’ve dedicated myself to speeding up the processing of other queer refugees in gay-unfriendly countries, and to help LGBTs attain asylum and freedom in tolerant third countries as soon as possible. In his most historic and well-known speech from 1963, Dr.

آهنگ «کسی می آید» با صدای فریدون و شعر فروغ را خیلی دوست دارم و البته خاطره ی خوبی هم از آن دارم که به اولین مصاحبه ی رادیویی من مربوط می شود.