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I experienced a bad breakup a couple of years ago and this seems to have pushed me towards an isolated place.

The devastation of experiencing ED a couple of times with real girls just pulled me down to a darker place.

Here SSA is the place where you are residing and taken the connection from the BSNL.

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Mention your complaint/ problem/ Grievance in brief and then submit it.

You will get one ID and you must note down it so that you may follow your complaint in future.

Personally, I feel MUCH more confident talking to people I don’t know and even in public speaking situations than before.

In the forums, there are many reports that echo this guy’s experience: “Once again, very relaxed and calm today – no anxiousness etc. Everything is just water off a ducks back so to speak.

After a successful reboot, you will be able to have great, fulfilling, passionate sex again – without the penis pills and anxiety.