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Super SMS (straw management system) machines, on the other hand, uniformly spread the diced straw and mix it with the soil. 'Happy seeders cost `1.5 lakh and is used for only 15 days in a year. Therefore, it's a big investment for small farmers and many are unable to do that,' Singh said.

While the Punjab government is providing 50 per cent subsidy on happy seeders, it itself lacks funds to incentivise the machine to lakhs of farmers at once.

It's not easy to cover this much area or convince farmers to stop a decades-old tradition.' 'Despite this, we have made several strides such as selling 1,200 happy seeder machines this time.

We were also able to get farmers attach 1,500 super SMS machines to their combined harvesters.

Sources reported that in several villages, there was little to no implementation of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) ban and fines for crop burning on farmers.