Link to linked spreadsheet not updating who has paulina gretzky dating

Remember, anything that would normally trigger a save on the other side of that incorrectly displaying link will fix this.

You may not need to manually go through all of your sheets and implement this fix. Your work around will not work for me as the cells that have the links and are showing empty are used elsewhere and when you close the sheet, the other sheet that need the data from those cells shows N/A. Hi Shaine, I just tried your fix and it did nothing to resolve missing cell data and hyperlinks.

I'm still not sure I understand why hyperlinks to sheets were affected by cell links, but as long as the values don't disappear again I'm satisfied.

Roland Hi there, just as an FYI we have not received any email notifications about this error at all.

This is so that we don't inform the entirety of people that have signed up for notifications on an issue that may not affect them directly.