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When her road manager tells her not to share her new music with a journalist, even if it's off the record, she dismisses the warning. I wish I could say yes, because that's an interesting analysis, but I just feel really comfortable in those moments. It's interesting to speak with you, because you have this intellectual and artistic side, but half of your hits are about clubbing and being drunk . I don't mean to speak arrogantly about my musical strategy as a pop artist in the Warholian sense, but today you have to almost trick people into listening to something intelligent."He's going to write about other stuff," she says. So you're thinking, "I'm going to trick this idea down your throat"? When they start saying that you have extra appendages, you have to assume that they're unable to destroy you.

/ 'Cause it's when I'm not thinkin' with you / That I act like a swine.

You have to give it to her, Lady Gaga really does live and breathe fashion and art. After years devoted to wearing some of the craziest designs, we have to believe her.

"See, there's no phone on my head — or a phone booth," she says. The former Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is on a mission: to prove that Lady Gaga is art and that her art is not a mask. And if she were any less strong-willed, her life would be spinning out of control right now: Her grandfather is in the hospital, her father recently had heart surgery, and she was just told by doctors that she is at risk of developing lupus, an autoimmune disease that killed her aunt before Gaga was born.

Add to this the pressures of her sudden rise to cultural dominance, her relentless work ethic, her seemingly endless world tour and the fact that she has already completed demos for her next album, and you might imagine a star on the verge of collapse.

For one song, the hip-hop-orientated Jewels And Drugs, she was joined by two rappers.