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I looked at the young actresses in the room the other day and I thought, “I’m so glad I’m not f***ing 25!

The game actress's latest role called for her to take off her clothes for a worthy cause - to save a valuable artwork - alongside a troupe of super-fit twenty-something performers from theatre production La Clique.

Even sister Kourtney Kardashian has made fun of it, calling it so ugly that it makes her laugh every time!

That's much more rounded than a cougar could ever be. It's not about kitten or cougar - we're moving beyond those stereotypes. She said: "It's why I feel 'cougar' is way over now. It's about a fully realised woman who works and plays and is successful and does all those things on her own terms.

The shoot was organised by BBC programme The Culture Show and helmed by photographer and artist Tom Hunter Tom Hunter is well known for his recreation of old masters and is the only photographer to have had an exhibition at the National Gallery, London.