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In support of the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Audre Lorde Health Program and other Center programs and services for women and girls, this lesbian culture is for audiences.

On October 11 at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, The Lesbian Culture Club will produce its first show.

After Congrats on the show getting picked up for another ten episodes. You know, Sean's [ creator] said from the beginning he really wants this character to not be a stereotype. AE: I'm curious, your attitude about gay people and gay issues seems really progressive. And then I went to college and I majored in theater and was around a lot of gay and lesbian people.

Were you surprised that you got picked up so quickly? He wants him to be one of the first gay characters on TV who doesn't have angst about being gay. Is that something you learned at home from your parents or was that something that you sort of encountered when you went to college and just sort of being out in the world. Everyone was shocked at first, [because] you know in high school you weren't really around that. My parents said you can't argue with ignorance. A lot of people in the Black community are from a really religious background and for some odd reason, or actually it's not odd, it's not surprising that a lot of times religion goes hand in hand with intolerance. I wouldn't say [he's] wary of people, but I would say he's definitely, he talks a good game and fits in really well, but at the same time he doesn't really trust that many people.

UN Women reported that over 99% of Egyptian women have suffered from sexual harassment in their lifetime.