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With all due respect to the Arabs, the grief and deep sorrow for the victims of war, why the countries which represent Islam still do not have a peaceful life?

If violence and hardship are constantly going on there, why did not bear an Islamic rock music genre?

His newest album titled “Addie MS and Twilite Orchestra – The Sounds of Indonesia” was the best in the i Tunes Top Chart Worldwide last year.

Imagine, how happy I was when Mr Addie MS, who leads the Twilite Orchestra, agreed to write the orchestra arrangement for my song titled “Ihdina ‘s-Shirath ‘l-Mustaqim” (‘God, please guide us to the straight path’). I said that I would go to a seminar of Islamic music at the Footscray Campus of Victoria University. We remembered the first time we met thanks to Mr Bondan Winarno, a Christian, a senior journalist in Indonesia and an expert of the culinary world. While blowing smoke of his cigar, Mr Addie told me of an afternoon ritual he had when he was free. I am a Muslim, but I did not find any Islamic songs appealing to my ears, let alone that would thrill my heart.” According to Mr Addie, the songs that we assume to be Islamic are actually Arabic songs.

Music, song, tone, notation, and the sound were not the novelty that emerged after Islam was revealed.