Just a frog dating

Even more perplexing is when a woman obtains the affection of a jerk, she then tries to transform the jerk into a sensitive, emotionally attentive man. It makes no sense to go to a junkyard, buy a clunker, and then spend the rest of your life trying to transform the clunker into a new car.

Tell your partner what you need and hear what they need. We often talk about “anger management strategies” because we acknowledge that anger (an emotion) can be controlled through a process of actions. What I think people in relationships should be aware of is that enabling destructive negative behaviour is not love - it's desperation, and warrants self-examination.

Sometimes walking away from a destructive relatinship is the most loving thing to do for yourself, your family and your significant other.

Women say they want sensitive, emotionally attentive men, yet they choose guys who are six payments behind on their Harleys and spend the greater part of their days trying to find space for their next tattoo or explore extraneous body parts to pierce.

These relationships are not headed for the altar; they are previews for the Jerry Springer Show.

It shows respect (love for yourself) and hopefully, it may teach the other person some lessons. However, I keep love out of it, as most folks attracting unhealthy relationships have no idea what love really is. I think there is much truth behind your article and the reality you try to depict here.