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Brenda Hampton: No, Amy did not come back from New York.

After a couple of years, Ricky and John moved to New York, along with George, Amy’s dad and John’s grandpa.

"Divergent" star and her boyfriend are known for shunning Hollywood lifestyle.

The final moment of the show is Ricky reading John a bedtime story, telling his son, “And she lived happily ever after.

And so will we.” *All of America bursts into tears* happened with Amy and Ricky's on again/off again relationship — as well as the fates of Ben, Jack, Grace, Adrian, Omar and everyone else on the show!

MTV: Did Amy eventually come back from New York to live full-time with Ricky and John?

And if so, were she and Ricky able to rekindle their deep love for each other and/or have another child?

According to Jezebel, "Nahko Bear, who is of Puerto Rican, Apache, and Filipino descent, grew up in Oregon but now lives in Hawaii.