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Perhaps the most extraordinary vision Byrne has experienced was a tableau of the Nativity.Her version of the birth of Jesus and the herald angels may come as a shock to some, as there is no mention of a stable, shining star, wise men or shepherds, but it is nevertheless a startling vision of the Nativity - and a novel interpretation of what it means.Throughout her childhood, Byrne was regarded as 'retarded' because she struggled to read. But that did nothing to curtail her psychic powers.

'I suspect there's no one else like her in the world - no one who has the same constant access to the spiritual world.' Booth also has a personal reason to believe in her powers.

At their second meeting, the Irishwoman told him he needed an operation on his lower abdomen and he should see a doctor straight away.

In the middle of the wall was a great gateway, and standing guard on either side were two gigantic, golden angels, which were 'bigger than the trees in the gardens near where I live'.

As she approached, the angels began to push the doors apart.

'They talk to me every day, help me to understand what's going on in the world and I help them do their work among the people I meet.' It sounds fanciful, I admit, but there is a streak of modest honesty in Byrne which is difficult to dismiss.