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I texted back that I was stuck in the elevator and that they were not sure when I would get out.

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Before she could ask for her name my phone started buzzing from text messages.

I knew before even taking out my phone that it was Natalie asking where I was.

Had I known it was going to get this nasty this quickly I wouldn’t have walked to get the pizza I ordered. Wow, thanks.” “No problem.” She said with a smile as she let the doors closed a pressed the button for her floor.

When I finally got to the hotel with my large pepperoni pizza in on hand and a bag with some sodas and waters in the other, my pants and sweatshirt were pretty wet though thankfully not totally soaked through. I was mildly surprised that the woman actually did hold the elevator, and was even more surprised when I saw who it was holding the door open. I reached over and pressed the button for the floor a few stops before hers.

As I was reading the message Emma reached over and yanked my phone from my hands. She is cute, though a little young for you don’t you think?