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* Tue Sep 01 2015 [email protected] Install and enable the vboxadd-service init script, to make auto-mounting of shared folders and time synchronization work - Install VBox Service to /usr/sbin/ instead of /usr/bin/ so that vboxadd-service can find it, it cannot be run as user anyway - Create the /media folder with appropriate permissions on distributions higher than 13.1, it doesn't exist any more and the one that VBox Service creates automatically cannot be accessed by normal users - Fixes boo#908669 and boo#936254 * Fri Aug 14 2015 Larry.

[email protected] bump to 5.0.2 (released 2015-08-13 by Oracle) A number of problems were fixed and/or added.

bugs #14051, #14052) * Linux hosts: another fix for activated SMAP on Linux 3.19 and newer (Broadwell and later; bug #13961) * Linux hosts: Linux 4.1 compile fix (bug #14081) * Solaris hosts: fixed using of VNIC templates with Crossbow based bridged networking to be compatible with vanity interface names * Mac OS X hosts: fixed crash during VM termination under rare circumstances * Windows Additions/WDDM: improved video memory utilization and allow more/bigger guest screens with large resolutions (including Hi DPI) * X11 Additions: prevent flickering when updating mouse cursor * Solaris Additions: fixed incorrect usage of 'prtconf' while installing Guest Additions (Solaris 10 only) - Refresh patch: * * Sun May 10 2015 [email protected] Provide host-kmp src for use with custom kernels (bnc#925663) * Wed May 06 2015 [email protected] Create groups properly and also create vboxsf and vboxguest on guest additions bnc#927708 * Wed May 06 2015 [email protected] Build with system libs for X instead of localy built ones.

invalidating stale software suspend images gentoo-18

as part of a snapshot or cloning a VM) use the same disk image variant as the parent image if possible, which means that e.g.

a diff image for a VMDK image split into 2 GB files will also be split (bug #14764) API: event queue handling fixes preventing loss of certain events at runtime (e.g.

In particular, the artifically high load average problem reported as bsc#939299 has been fixed.

The complete list follows: VMM: added support for guest crash report MSRs with Hyper-V paravirtualization VMM: fixed an issue causing artifically high load averages on Linux hosts VMM: fixed a kernel panic with thread-context hooks caused by incompatible changes made to Linux 4.2 kernels VMM: fixed a saved state issue with VT-x/AMD-V disabled (5.0 regression; bug #14304) VMM: fixed VERR_SUPDRV_TSC_DELTA_MEASUREMENT_FAILED Guru Meditations on certain AMD CPUs (5.0 regression; bug #14370) VMM: fixed a crash while creating a guest core dumps via the VM debug facility (5.0 regression) VMM: This release has AVX2 passthrough disabled on every host and AVX passthrough disabled for 64-bit VMs on 32-bit hosts.

Mountain Lion) Windows hosts: fixed startup problems on certain Windows hosts due to conflicts with anti-virus software (4.3.14 regression, bug #13187) Windows hosts: fixed 4.3.14 regression whereby Alt Gr stopped working for some people (bug #13216) X11 hosts: made the extra key on Brazilian Thinkpads work (bug #8745) X11 hosts: fixed a problem of input focus cycles and immediately released key presses in full screen mode (bug #13238) Linux hosts: fixed flooding the kernel log with USB related messages when passing through certain USB devices to a VM (bug #13085) Linux guests: stop applications crashing when drm_wait_vblank is called (bug #13265) Linux guests: fix a crash in gnome-session (bug #13335) X11 guests: do not start VBox Client over an SSH connection (bug #13107) X11 guests: added support for X.