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While some of these chants and sayings are more well known nationally than others, they all are important to their specific teams."Keep Calm and Fork On" is how the saying goes, and the fans in Tempe tend to live by it.The saying began on a team retreat, shortly after Chip Kelly was hired as offensive coordinator in 2007.

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But the two factions remained disunited and, on 26 July 1887, at a meeting in the Stanley Arms public house, the members resolved to wind up St John's and form a new club to represent the whole town called Blackpool Football Club.

The new club managed to win two pieces of silverware in its first season in existence, 1887–88: the Fylde Cup and the Lancashire Junior Cup.

It was during this season out of the League that Blackpool amalgamated with local rivals South Shore and moved to Bloomfield Road.

During the 10 seasons that followed, Blackpool could finish no higher than 12th place.

Nowhere else in the world can 80,000 people be heard screaming "Go Cocks." This can make for quite an intimidating environment for the opposing team.