Intimadating a witness

The crime comes with a maximum 20 year prison sentence if violence is used or physical threats are made.Heavily tattooed recording artist Siya is listed in court papers as a witness for Belafonte.

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It made me feel very uncomfortable because Madison was watching.

Later Madison asked me why I was kissing her mother and I didn't know what to say.'Last week Daily revealed a video filmed by America's Got Talent judge Mel showing Belafonte having sex with another woman has been submitted as evidence in the divorce battle.

Meanwhile, rapper Siya Sherman has been interviewed by officers in Van Nuys, near LA and has also been questioned by lawyers representing Belafonte.

The messages sent on Instagram messenger, which are believed to include a series of serious allegations about Belafonte, were allegedly designed to sway Siya from giving testimony at the upcoming domestic abuse trial.

To be charged with witness tampering, the attempt to alter or prevent testimony is sufficient.