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I’ve never owned a business with a significant back end (I’m building one now in the blogging world), but what I’ve learnt from Rich Schefren, who has ample experience from his own businesses and coaching his many clients, is that in order to compete long term you have to know your metrics at every point along the sales funnel.With a stable and predictable back end you can strategically beat the competition and dominate your market through initiatives similar to the 200% affiliate program.You should recall in my discussion of the front end I mentioned that the affiliate program pays 200% commissions on each ebook sale.

, but for the purposes of demonstrating the pricing structure of a sales funnel, I think you should get the idea.

The back end – the high priced items – are bought only by the hardcore, well-matched, target customer group.

Do a search now for and you will see there are literally thousands of affiliates, and I expect the front end of David De Angelo’s business is driven mostly by affiliate marketing.

How about if you conducted some competitive intelligence (Rich’s course has GREAT stuff on conducting competitive intelligence by the way), found out the significant affiliates for your competition’s products and contacted these affiliates offering 200% commissions AND you could show them very specific numbers on how much money they could make.

This might include information distributed via audio (CDs/DVDs/MP3s/Podcasts) or visually (Video/Movies) or live (Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Retreats) or privately (Phone Calls/Coaching) or even common front end media such as ebooks, newsletters (electronic and print), subscription services and teleconferences.

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