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The bandana-wearing, über-geek Willie Nelson sings the praises of Microsoft during the closing party at the Austin Music Hall.

Keynotes: Todd Rundgren (musician), Richard Garriott (video game developer, astronaut & entrepreneur) Notable Speakers: Melinda Price (Monsterbit Media), Debbie Richards (ANIMATRIX Computer Arts), Mark Rolston (Virtual Studio), Joseph C.

Inclusiveness and reaching for new things were core values.

The solution being discussed was an event that would bring the outside world to Austin for a close-up view.

The SXSW group expected initial resistance from the locals, but it was quite the opposite. As hoped for, Austin’s charm won over the visitors, and SXSW took on a life of its own. For SXSW ’94, often remembered for the Johnny Cash keynote/performance, two new events – Interactive and Film – were introduced.